IT consulting

IT Consulting Services

Why You Can Bank on Our Consulting Service

A business that doesn’t invest in technology will be phased out in no time. Technological advancement is changing the mode of running businesses. For instance, the internet has slowly transformed into the most lucrative market. It has allowed many enterprises to transact businesses beyond borders. So, you cannot ignore technology if you intend to have a profitable venture. Not every tech solution is suitable for your enterprise.

You need the services of an IT consultant professional to get the right tech resources for your business. MTT Connect is a renowned IT firm that provides consulting services. We have dealt with companies in various industries. That has given us the experience to provide IT services for our esteemed clients. Here are reasons you should rely on our consultancy services.

We are Diligent in Being Responsive

Nothing frustrates business owners more than an IT Support Firm that is not responsive. Having a computer or server problem without immediate assistance will cause inconveniences and losses for your enterprise. That’s why some companies opt to hire an in-house IT Team. MTT Connect knows the pain and frustrations of dealing with a non-responsive IT support service.

That is why we are very diligent in being responsive to our clients. We know tech errors and malfunctions can occur at any time. So, we offer 24/7 support and service to our clientele. We also have a professional waiting to answer distress calls from our clients. We offer quick service.

We Have Extensive Expertise

A rapid response isn’t advantageous unless coupled with unmatched IT expertise. As a reputable IT Agency, we have broad knowledge in this field. That makes our quick response to be effective at all times. MTT Connect has a diverse roster of customers, allowing us to gain extensive experience with many tech issues.

This experience has enhanced the proficiency of our technicians in dealing with problems. We have also mastered solutions to common problems such as viruses, hacking, and lost connections to printers, servers, or files. So, you can trust us to deal with any issue bedeviling your firm.

We are Up-Dated

Since the advent of cloud-based services and social media services, the IT World has changed tremendously. It has become challenging for most businesses to keep up with the changes. If you have a challenge keeping track of the quick technology changes, seek the help of MTT Connect. Technology is our business, and we have followed up on every change in the tech industry.

We are always aware of the new tech machines, devices, and systems launched in the market. By partnering with us, we will ensure your business operates with the cutting-edge technologies in your industry.

Established Track Record

If you need a competent and reliable IT consultant, consider hiring MTT Connect Company. We have an established track record of delivering quality services and guaranteeing results in every project executed. We have a proven record of success in providing tailored IT solutions to businesses in various industries. We have earned the right to offer sound advice and support to any enterprise needing our help. Our services guarantee you value for your money. 

cloud services

Cloud Services

Why Choose Our Cloud Hosting Services

Every business will always require sufficient storage space for its data. Technology advancement led to the innovation of the cloud, which has proven effective for most companies. You don’t have to spend on servers to have a network and store your essential data. You can seek reliable hosting services and purchase the needed storage space suitable for your business.

At MTT Connect, we have been providing cloud hosting services for years. We’ve always tried to adapt to the changing needs of our clients. That enabled us to deliver the best hosting and customer service. Currently, many firms and individuals rely on our hosting services. Listed here are reasons why you should choose our cloud hosting services.

Cloud Security

MTT Connect doesn’t bury its head in the sand regarding securing the cloud. We know of the various threats targeted at our cloud and the losses and inconveniences they can cause to our esteemed clients. For that reason, we take the safety and security of our cloud seriously. All our customers have their security goals.

So, we ensure our security measures meet their required standards. We never shy from investing in advanced security systems. Despite the costs, such investments give our clients peace of mind because it gives them an assurance their data is safe. We also have a team of highly skilled cybersecurity specialists. These experts can ward off any attacks against the cloud.

Cloud Compliance

When picking a cloud hosting platform, users must ensure their hosting provider complies with the standards of their organizations and industry. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of the compliance standards they must attain. Besides providing hosting services, MTT Connect also informs its clients about cloud compliance.

Our knowledgeable and experienced specialists can help to establish if the clients are accountable to SOC 2, HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS, or any other framework. Our assistance will enable you to pick the perfect cloud for your industry.


While choosing a cloud hosting service, you would want the flexibility to use your current tech resources. For instance, if you use Microsoft universe, you don’t have to be restricted to using Azure only. So, it would be best if you had a cloud vendor whose architecture integrates or consolidates with any tech resource.

At MTT Connect, we provide cloud storage architecture with multiple storages that satisfy different needs, yet they have different archival storage. We provide the best storage but with several restrictions.


In your search for a cloud platform, consider its manageability to determine if it will be user-friendly. Business owners with specific services vital to their organization will need a cloud provider that provides easy integration for those services.

MTT Connect is determined to make work easier for every client needing our cloud hosting service. So, we integrate the clients’ important services into our cloud. That will ensure they get maximum benefits from our hosting services. We also give them room to control their affairs. That allows them to run their business as they desire. 

network design solutions

Network Design Solutions

What We Consider When Designing a Network

While designing a computer network for either 2 or 400 people, it is essential to check the desires and needs of those who will use it. Their budget should be your top priority because they will be responsible for its maintenance. Some of the vital things that don’t escape the eyes of experts in MTT Connect include: 

  • Balancing desires to access information easily with security issues
  • Standardizing software and hardware to keep maintenance costs at a minimum
  • Creating redundancies for possible breakdowns

Our goal is to design the perfect network suitable for your business. Here are the things we consider when designing a network.

Connectivity and Security

Network connectivity in this era means more than wireless access points and Ethernet cables. Today, more people are connected to networks despite their location. They can access company data or email away from the office. That has allowed most people to work effectively while traveling for leisure or business trips.

We know every business owner wants to enjoy the advantages offered by these networks. However, we protect their interests by boosting the network’s security. We address the security issue in detail during the design phase. Our design ensures data stored in the clouds or in-house are easily accessible while securing access servers using firewalls without slowing down operations.

Backing Up and Redundancy

We are aware that some business owners aren’t interested in hosting services. They would prefer buying their servers, irrespective of the expensive installation and maintenance costs. Companies that host their servers aren’t immune to issues likely to result in network failure. So, we advise such clients to invest in at least two identical servers.

When one server develops malfunctions or requires maintenance, the spare one will immediately take over. When you have such redundant components, your network won’t remain down for more than an hour. We will also be ready to provide our expertise at such times.

Standardization of Software and Hardware

Standardizing the software and hardware is necessary for the network to operate smoothly. It also minimizes the cost of repairs, updates, and maintenance. At MTT Connect, we always audit the current computer peripherals, software, and systems to establish which of these components needs standardization.

While standardizing these components, we give special consideration to the Director or CEO as they have the authority to perform more tasks and access sensitive information. Suppose 90% of workers use similar notebooks, email and word processing programs. In that case, we can conduct a less expensive hardware and software patch across the company than if they used different computer models with different software.

Disaster Recovery Plan

We include a disaster recovery plan in every network design. That includes step-by-step procedures to be followed after a server crashes and provisions for power backup in case of an outage. Our recovery plan also consists of how data is backed up, where it is backed up, and where the copies are stored.

Our comprehensive disaster recovery plan consists of metropolitan-wide disasters, building disasters, and office disasters. We always conduct weekly backups and store the files in a secure location off-site. That ensures the data remains safe even after building disasters such as fire. 

systems and storage implementation

Systems and storage Implementation

4 Pitfalls We Avoid in Implementing Storage Systems

Businesses in the modern world rely on systems for smooth operations. It is vital to rely on professional assistance to set up such systems in order to secure your enterprise’s efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Business storage systems have potential pitfalls and risks. Switching suppliers, changing backup and recovery processes, or upgrading hardware can result in failure, data loss, or disruption of the production system. Despite these risks, there is a need to invest in reliable data storage systems.

MTT Connect embraces a holistic approach in designing storage systems for each business. We take time to understand your business to formulate and implement a system that enhances efficiency and proficiency in its operations. While doing this task, we strive to avoid the following deployment pitfalls as much as possible.

Storage Silos

We work in silos and don’t view that as offering a service but as providing the necessary infrastructure. At MTT Connect, we have our KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that differ from the KPIs of the company or customer. The pitfall in this case is a mistake most business owners make by buying storage on a per-project basis, creating unwanted legacy and silos.

To avoid such cases, we begin insulating our client’s storage decisions from their application decisions. We also direct the storage teams to abandon their silos and think along the line of their business or like service providers.

Not Addressing Storage Costs and Resource Utilization

Most organizations barely use half of their storage facility, causing them to pay extra for unwanted space. Although there is broad adoption of various data optimization tools and virtualization, resource utilization for storage facilities has always remained between the 45% to 70% range.

Such wastage occurs due to poor system management and a lack of proper planning. The under-utilized resource will incur regular maintenance costs because it has consumed the store’s floor space. MTT Connect guides its clients to invest in space and IT resources that meet their needs. Leasing our systems will save you from overspending on your storage.

Overlooking Disaster Recovery and Backup

Disaster recovery and backup are slowly creeping back as an agenda in many board rooms. The increasing cases of business interruptions caused by IT problems have made entrepreneurs and business executives rethink their defences against ransomware threats. We know the issues your business is likely to face.

That’s why we take every effective measure to protect your storage from looming threats. We always evaluate and change our clients’ DR technology to make it more acute. Our backup data and backup systems are also air-gapped from the production to storage systems and monitored by specialists in case of a ransomware attack.

Overlooking Skills

The greatest challenge most businesses face is getting people with the right skills for managing storage systems. You won’t find teenagers saying they would love to become a storage admin. The lack of IT skills isn’t restricted to storage only, but is at the base of the pyramid. MTT Connect is aware of this problem and its consequence for businesses.

We are trying to terminate this issue by using AI to automate several tasks. We also have a team of IT specialists that can effectively run your storage system. Whenever you need professional services, you can contact us for assistance. Our experts are always ready to serve you. 

security consulting services

Security Consulting Services

Iron clad from edge to core, your IT infrastructure demands the best in modern security practices and solutions.

Security is often overlooked by businesses, especially growing ones. You’re moving a million miles an hour, and doing everything you can just to keep your systems functional… who has time to make sure they are secure? With businesses being compromised left and right, many are starting to realize just how important security is to every aspect of their IT environment.

MTT Consulting can help you secure your environment using the industry best tools and processes, prepare for regulation compliance, and minimize the likelihood that an attacker or virus will bring your business to its knees.

Our information security services include:

  • Virtual CSO services
  • Selecting and deploying antivirus and antimalware solutions
  • Assessing and deploying firewalls and edge security
  • Cloud hosted or on-premises spam protection
  • Security policy review and development
  • Security auditing and documentation
  • Preparing for HIPAA compliance, FINRA compliance, etc.
IT procurement services

IT Procurement Services

Every business has a need for IT procurement, whether it’s a simple license renewal or an environment forklift.

MTT Consulting helps you find the right parts, licenses, hardware, and tools for your business quickly and affordably. We deliver the enterprise hardware and software solutions your business demands: fast, high-quality and affordable.

MTT Consulting can help you with:

  • Determining the right parts for the job
  • Purchasing new software, upgrades, or support renewals
  • Evaluating solutions prior to purchase
  • Reducing the cost of hardware and software through aggressive pricing
security and surveillance


Security surveillance is a growing market. Technology plays a major role in enhancing security and surveillance capabilities by offering many increasingly technical solutions, such as alarms, access control devices, and video surveillance.

MTT Connect has partnered with many of the industry's leading manufacturers of security equipment to provide solutions that can be customized to your needs. From network IP-based video and access control systems to basic alarm installations, our solutions provide a deterrent and give peace of mind.

  • Video Surveillance
  • Access Control
  • Intrusion Alarms
  • 2-Way Communications
  • 24hr Monitoring
wireless network connection

Wireless LAN Services

Our Expert Tips for Setting Up Business-Grade WI-FI Network

Whether opening a new business location or moving from one office building to another, ensure you make plans for solid office WI-FI solutions. Advanced technologies have made it necessary for businesses to rely on wireless networks in executing their day-to-day tasks. Most corporations are slowly phasing out devices that solely rely on Ethernet connectivity. That is sufficient proof that wireless network is the future. So, investing in the best WI-FI solution for your company is a great investment that will pay off.

MTT Connect plays an integral role in the tech industry by assisting businesses to shift from Ethernet to the wireless networks. We know every business has unique needs irrespective of its size and industry. That is why we strive to provide a tailored wireless network suitable for every company. So far, we’ve numerous clients impressed by our wireless solutions. Here are our expert tips for setting up a business-grade wireless network.

Picking the Right Equipment for Your Company’s Network Needs

Before surveying the office for proper placement of access points, we first choose the right equipment for our clients. Our specialists are aware that the performance capacity of the available access points in the market differs. Hence, they will determine your needs in order to choose the right one for you. Using WI-FI access points for homes in your office is a big error. Such access points won’t meet your needs.

For businesses, we always go for commercial WI-FI equipment. This equipment can accommodate dozens or hundreds of simultaneous connections. We will guide your choices in picking equipment that can meet your network needs.

Conduct Surveys to Establish the Best Access Points

Our first phase of setting up the WI-FI network is conducting a wireless site survey. Based on our calculation, a small office under 2000 square feet needs only two access points unless it has materials on its walls like glass or metals, which can affect the wireless signal.

The wireless survey enables us to determine the exact amount, placement, and configuration of the office’s access points. Surveys are essential for medium, or expansive offices that require at least five access points.

Securing Your Wireless Network

Do not assume your WI-FI controllers and access points will offer an advanced level of security needed by your company. Such an assumption has made many companies victims of ransomware attacks. After installing the wireless network, we always encourage our clients to supplement their security with equipment like firewalls.

Our work goes beyond installing the network. We also ensure it is secure from hacking and viruses. We also inform our clients of the need to protect their passwords, especially from unauthorized people. We can also add another layer of authentication using a splash page. That will make your network a hard nut to crack.

Better Network Management

If your company devices or computers have vital information connected to the same wireless network that gives every user access to your data. You will also discover that most of the security breaches in your company’s network originate from internal devices. MTT Connect experts are aware of the possibilities of emerging internal threats.

So, we will assist you in managing your network better. We use SSIDs to broadcast WI-FI to different users. The multiple SSIDs separate employees, guests, and other wireless users in order to enhance security, QoS, and manage bandwidth. It also restricts unauthorized wireless users from accessing sensitive information.

audio visual


Why Partner with Our Audio Visual Integrators

Audio Visual systems are crucial in streamlining enterprise processes while supporting effective communication and collaboration. Businesses in every industry can use top-tier AV equipment to enhance presentations, meetings, and distance learning. However, to enjoy the full advantages of this equipment, you must partner with a team of experts competent in integrating this system seamlessly. These specialists will thoughtfully combine visual and audio equipment for better viewing, communication, and listening.

MTT Connect is a renowned company that provides AV integration services. We first assess the scope of the work and the client’s needs. This evaluation will guide us in designing and implementing a customized audiovisual solution that satisfies the client’s needs. Our professionals will also be available for maintenance requests or solving system errors. Here are some reasons for partnering with our able Audio Visual Integrators.

Professional Support

As experienced integrators, we provide more than the installation of audiovisual systems. We render AV management needed by your business. We know every company has encountered painful technical difficulties that led to setbacks or inconveniences. MTT Connect experts always inform clients, including those with user-friendly audio-visual systems to expect technical issues.

That will prevent them from panicking once it happens. You don’t have to worry when you face such issues because we’ve got your back. MTT Connect has a team of specialists ready to provide professional support for AV solutions. You can contact us at any time for assistance.

Enhanced Staff Efficiency

It is now common for workers to collaborate or communicate with clients and each other using digital technologies. A dependable and updated audiovisual system is also an effective communication channel used by employees. An advanced AV System will improve workflow between in-office and remote workers and connect with clients worldwide via video conferencing technology.

Concerning on-site efficiency, our integrators can install digitized signage in your office to enhance access to important information for visitors and staff. Our specialists have in-depth knowledge of the AV system. They can suggest better solutions for your business and maintenance options that satisfy your needs. Their involvement will reduce the cost and time spent repairing or upgrading the AV equipment.

AV Design that Meets Your Specific Needs

MTT Connect understands that every company is different compared to others. This revelation pressures us to customize the AV Design to fit their unique needs. Our work is to offer end-to-end solutions that compromise all aspects, from designing, servicing, and maintenance of the AV system made to your specifications. A suitable end-to-end AV solution will comprise:

  • Audio visual system design
  • A survey that reveals your company’s unique needs
  • Installation and integration of equipment
  • Service with troubleshooting support, repairs, and regular maintenance

Besides addressing your team’s needs, our integration services also mitigate the existing variance in each project environment. Once we know the solutions suitable for your company, we will create a customized solution that guarantees optimal performance.

Cutting-Edge Solutions

It is challenging to keep up with technology because it is evolving at a rapid rate. As technology continues infiltrating our daily lives, businesses must offer cutting-edge solutions to their staff and clients. Companies featuring a hybrid or remote work model must invest in up-to-date audiovisual technology. At MTT Connect, we assist businesses in keeping up with this ever-changing technology. With our assistance, your business will always use updated audiovisual systems. 

website design

5 Features We Optimize for SEO Web Design

We cannot ignore the fact that the internet is the most vibrant and lucrative market in the world. Every major business has a stake in the online market. To secure the future of your business, you must have an online platform. That will require designing, developing and launching your website. However, owning a website doesn’t guarantee returns on your investment. You have to ensure the website is SEO-friendly to get the targeted clients on the search engines.

Most businesses are failing because entrepreneurs are unaware of the power of SEO. They cannot optimize their websites to compete effectively for top rankings on search engines like Google. MTT Connect is trying to bridge this knowledge gap by providing SEO Web Design services. We have highly skilled SEO experts ready to assist you climb to the top ranks of major search engines. Here are the features we optimize for SEO Web Design.


Most people prefer accessing the internet using smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. These devices allow them to access their favorite websites and social media accounts at any place and at anytime. So, it is important to ensure your site is accessible to every mobile device user. That will ensure your website ranks well on the search engines.

To make your site mobile-friendly, MTT Connect Experts will use the responsive design that will make your site accessible on all browsers and devices. We will also eradicate duplication of content that is likely to happen if you operate different sites.


We always have very few options when choosing the code for major design elements on websites. Sometimes we are forced to stick to CSS and HTML for a good reason. Using Flash sites poses a challenge because it is challenging to optimize them. Due to this issue, this site doesn’t rank well on search engines. That is why we don’t use them because we are interested in ensuring our client’s website competes favorable for top rankings on search engines.


Although our work focuses more on non-text elements of websites, we know the importance of picking the right font sizes that are easy to read. Most people that visit websites will first look for any relevant content before buying the service or product offered. To keep the potential clients glued to your website, we will improve its readability. We will also ensure your content is very informative and optimized to improve your SEO rankings.

File Names

Using the right keywords and SEO-Practices will ensure your websites gets to the top of every popular search engines. Although many people focus on using the perfect keywords, they forget to describe their images. Experience has taught us that search engines could read the descriptions of your images and put them into context. So, we won’t leave your photos with names such as “IMG_0034.jpg”. We will put describe them with logical file names that are SEO-friendly.


We also value the experience your target clients will have when navigating through your website. From the design stage of the website, we always look for ways to make it user-friendly. We believe that user friendly websites always increase the conversion rates. Such sites make it easy for users to find what they need. The website’s simplicity will reduce bounce rate and increase your SEO rankings.